Thursday, January 19, 2017

#14 - Thursday, 19 January 2017 | Macon, Georgia

At 5 a.m. I began my return drive and arrived at Best Western Riverside Inn in Macon, Georgia by 3 p.m. The hotel was being renovated and carpet installers were hard at work. They found me a nice clean king room that had been finished and I loaded in my gear. The first thing on my agenda was to get my truck washed. It still had vulture poo on it from Everglades National Park! I did a web search and found a car wash just a mile down the road from the hotel. Along the way I spotted an Applebee's and chose it for an early dinner. Afterward, I pecked at my laptop and watched a little Netflix and again passed out early. This morning I am going to hang at the hotel for a little while to write and such as I have a fairly short drive today to get to Bowling Green, Kentucky. If I had left when I woke at 5 to get ahead of the Atlanta traffic I would have arrived in Kentucky far too early. Therefore, I have decided to linger in Macon until after traffic in the city of Atlanta to the north should have dissipated. I have now passed 2000 miles on the truck and want to go get my first oil change before I continue my drive north.

Total miles driven: 614.5
Total time on the road: 8.5 hours
Departure location: Florida City, Florida
Arrival location: Macon, Georgia

All the best, M

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