Monday, December 19, 2016

#3 - Monday, 19 December 2016 | Lake in the Hills, Illinois

If I wasn't already restless and yearning to get out of Dodge, the subzero temperatures of the last two days have provoked those emotions. I type this during breakfast at a Panera restaurant as my toes struggle to thaw. I am now without a garage and scraping the frozen snow off my car this morning with the thermometer showing -10ºF/-23ºC was grim. Sunday afternoon I moved into the guest room of my sister's home in Lake in the Hills, Illinois. I didn't leave her house yesterday except to walk her dog. I could have remained in my soon-to-be-former house until noonish on Tuesday, but there was nothing left there and my tasks were complete. Last night she and I ordered a pizza and started binge-watching Mozart in the Jungle, a refreshing show she had learned about while watching one of the stars as a guest on the Chelsea show. My parrot Jesse is living with my stepdad in Hoffman Estates, about 30 minutes away, because she wouldn't be safe around my sister's wonderful rescue dog Stella. After this morning's breakfast, I will go spend some time with Jess before I meet with my real estate attorney at 1:30 pm. Tomorrow at 2:30 pm. my attorney and real estate agent will attend my house closing while I do anything else. I just want the check.

As I sat in my sister's house yesterday afternoon, I read one of the many thousands of books Lisa owns. She has bookcases and book stacks in every single room of the home she shares with my brother-in-law Randy. I spotted a Frommer's guide to Southern Florida where I hope to be within the next two weeks (maybe sooner?). The temperature there is currently over 80ºF. I can't be canoeing the Everglades, hiking the prairies and necking a cold beer in the Keys soon enough.

However, here I am – in the frozen heartland – and I must occupy myself and prepare to depart. I have shopping to do and my projects include reorganizing my photo library in Adobe Lightroom and working on some marketing assignments for the company in Seattle I used to work for. The best thing about the work I do is that it is largely computer-based and have laptop, will travel. And will blog ...

All the best, MJ

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