Sunday, April 2, 2017

#44 - Sunday, 2 April 2017 - Sea Rim State Park, Texas

Second post for Sunday Funday. This entry from the blustery beach of the Gulf of Mexico at Sea Rim State Park. Those of you who caught my Snap or Insta stories today saw my campsite right along the ocean. It’s the middle of nowhere and I get cell signal for a couple minutes every five hours or so. When I arrived the volunteer at the headquarters told me that the weekend was slow due to the severe thunderstorm warnings. I sure can pick a good time to perch my Wheelhouse right above the windy beach!

After 510 miles on Friday and 410 yesterday, I was glad to only have about 100 miles today, but a leisurely stop at the Texas Welcome Center, the remote location of the park and the back highways that were my path meant that it took almost three hours. (The visitor’s center was impressive with loads of literature and a nice boardwalk through the Blue Elbow Swamp behind the building). This area of extreme southeastern Texas near the border with Louisiana is pretty desolate. The major feature during my trip south once I was in Texas was the cluster of oil refineries for petroleum conglomerates like Valero that are just north of this park. The day was gloomy and overcast and that only enhanced the bilging smoke coming out of the dirty stacks of the oil plants.

I am here for three nights. I really need to do some computer work so I actually picked the location due to its remoteness. Sun is predicted for tomorrow and I’ll definitely spend a few hours chasing shorebirds, waterfowl and gators with cameras, but I am here to relax and sit in front of this laptop and get some projects completed. Hopefully tomorrow’s draft will be the final one for the catalog I have been working on for Northwest Zoological Supply and I’ll spend hours working on the Journal of the BTS

All the best, M

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