Friday, February 24, 2017

#30 - Friday, 24 February 2017 | Langkawi, Malaysia

I have dated this post as Friday because that is what it is for my readers, but it actually just chimed midnight Saturday morning here in southeast Asia. Today has been a strange day as I haven't felt well after having a restless night before. The heat and humidity have taken their toll, as has drinking much more than I normally do. The truth is that I rarely drink alcohol and here it has been a daily activity. The fabulous boat adventure on the Andaman Sea really sealed the exhaustion and heat effects I had already been feeling.

Today I tried to go back to sleep after breakfast but that was not to be, and Mark, Brandon and I walked to the Oriental Village for our daily fish therapy. The Anjung Spa charges 15 ringgits for 15 minutes of soaking your feet in cold water as the "Dr. Fish" feed off your dead skin. It is so relaxing and meditative and 15 ringgits is about $3.65. I bought a few souvenirs and Mark changed some currency and then we headed back to the resort. Brandon and I enjoyed a Salted Caramel Frappucino from the Starbucks kiosk in the hotel lobby. I walked to the pool with them, but then returned again to my rainforest chalet for yet another cold shower and another failed attempt at napping. Eventually I did drift off a bit and when I woke I decided to walk back to the Oriental Village for an espresso and chocolates at Chocohauz. All during our stay at Berjaya Langkawi Resort, Mark and I have had a routine of getting four pralines each at the chocolate shop. I wasn't up for it during the morning visit to Oriental Village, but I sat alone with a shot of espresso and enjoyed the chocolates, and some good air conditioning and wifi. Part of the reason for my return trip to Oriental Village was to photograph an Argiope sp. orbweaver spider that we had observed in the ornamental bushes that line the road between the village and resort. I don't usually carry my macro rig, so I had it and also had my longest lens mounted to another camera body. It was a good thing as I finally was able to get some clear shots at an Oriental Pied Hornbill and one of the butterfly lizards that inhabit the dry grass around the helipad and tennis courts. I also photographed a few beautiful birds and a troop of spectacled langurs that were moving through the Oriental Village.

Today (Saturday) I begin the long trip home. Flying west is into the wind and each of the three flights will take longer than they had when I traveled out (1+ hr to Kuala Lumpur, 7.5 hrs to Dubai, 5+ hr layover in Dubai and then 15+ hour flight from Dubai to Chicago). It will be going back in time (it is fourteen hours ahead of Chicago time here), and I expect that to suffer from jet lag when I finally arrive at O'Hare airport mid-afternoon on Sunday. I am hoping to keep my chalet as long as possible as I don't need to be to Langkawi's airport until about 9 pm or so. I'd prefer not to be the sweaty mess that I quickly become when I board the plane. I expect I'll mostly relax around the pool and have a nice early dinner at Pahn-Thai before I depart for the airport.

All the best, M

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  1. Hi Michael, not sure which continent you are on right now, but hope you are feeling better. Thanks so much for the postcards! You've got some amazing wildlife photos and I finally got to check out a picture of your rig. I try to call you when I'm out walking Noki, one of these days I will catch you. P.S. I joined Instagram last night for your sake but only lasted 15 minutes until I deleted my account. I can't cope with social media. Much love, Erika